Saturday, November 17, 2012

Puttapurthy,Nashik, Tryambkeshwar, Shirdi & Shignapur

I had the good fortune of travelling in different part of India and some of the countries out side India too. During our college days as part of curriculum I travelled during 2nd year to 5th year of our Engg course almost to all part of India. I had also good fortune of travelling through USA, Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Dubai during my professional life.
Recently I travelled to Puttaparthy, Nashik, Trambakeshwar, Shirdi, Shignapur, Ellora, Ajanata, Daulatabad & Grishneshwar. It was on of most aspiring journey to these places and I will put forward the interesting points of our journey. I was on tour to Bangalore and my wife, sister Deepa & Brother in law were visiting Puttaparty during the time. There was Karnataka bandh due to Cauveri water problem that day and I could not continue meeting at Bangalore. This gave me un-expected chance of visiting Puttaparthy with others.
Puttaparthy is a organised small township in Andhra Pradesh approx 100 km from Bangalore.Impressive social work of Sathya Sai Baba trust is visible every where.. The temple is big & beautiful. We could not take any photos as camera & mobile is not allowed.
                                              Super Speciality Hospital at Puttaparthy 
The programme to visit Shirdi was not planned but as if Baba was asking us to come.  Our programme was made to visit Shirdi alongwith my Sister & Brother in-Law (who visit Shrdi every year) and I roped in my another Sister & brother In law.
Natural Thumbs-up on a Hill between Manamd & Nashik
We first visited Tryambkeshwar from Nashik. Tryambkeshwar is one of 12 Jytirlinga situated near source of Godavari river. Surprisingly this mighty river is like a small rivulet  at this place. Since the day was sunday we had to stand in Q for 3 hours before we had darshan.
                                          Scene when returning from Tryambekeshwar
Next day we travelled by taxi to Shirdi and stayed in MTDC hotel - Pligrims-Inn. We stayed for 3 days in Shirdi and took part in Darshan, Arti, Abishek pooja, Satyavrat Puja, reading  the katha etc. Reading Sai-baba's katha in parayan room with devotion for 3 days was very soothing to soul. We had tasty tea for Rs 1 and full meal for Rs 10 only (at Prasadalaya)
                                                      Prasadalay at Shirdi
Shani Shignapur has a renowned Shani mandir where people offer oil to Shani maharaj (a black stone without any proper shape). Signapur is renowned to have no theft and many buildings are without doors- I lost my chappals in the Mandir.
Sugar Cane Mill on way to Shgnapur

From Shignapur we proceeded to Aurangabad to visit Ellora, Ajanta, Grishneswar & Daulatabad