Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ashok Dham near Lakhisarai..

Recently while returning from Samastipur - I asked the driver where is Ashok dham. We were very near the road which leads to this Temple. The driver quipped shall be go there and I could not resist the temptation and immediately agreed. Lord Shiva was obviously call us for a Dashan. We went to Ashokdham now called Sri Indradamaneshwar Mahadev.
Some 20 years ago one young boy named Ashok was playing in the field when he saw some stone like thing peeping through the mound. When the mound was dug up a huge ancient Shivlinga was found. Many other old artefact and idols were also found. Lot of articles were written in the papers that time claiming that this place was actual Harihar Kshetra since river Harohar flows near by.

Now the place is devloped as a magnifiscent temple complex with a nice dharmashala etc. The place is about 5-7 km from Lakhisarai. Some snaps taken there is added..A place worth visitng !

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