Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pen "was" mightier than sword

From a small town boy to my retirement as an experienced professional, I have been privileged to experience an enriched life. Each step has shown me something new, something beautiful. I have long desired to share these experiences in my life with you.

These set of blogs will present before you a collection of my memoirs, not necessarily in a chronological sequence. Instead I will write as they come to my mind. 

Infact just yesterday a visit from an old friend brought back a amusing anecdote from my childhood. Satya Prakash Narayan and I have been close friends since our engineering college days. Our families have been good friends over all these years in Ranchi, often visiting each other.

As usual, yesterday, amidst a variety of topics, someone mentioned the phrase "Pen is mightier than the sword". We all had our opinions about relevance of this phrase in today's times, when I shared a story of my school days in Jamui.

My High School had been established in 1886 or so and at one time was the only high school in the area, now Jamui District. The school had 2 Hostels (now taken over or encroached), one bungalow for the Head Master and 2 quarters for Hostel wardens and one large sport field - part of which is taken over and converted into a so called stadium. The school also has a hard tennis court, where my father used to practice and a large Hall with a Balcony for ladies where cultural programmes took place in our school days. The school has its own share of legends and one particular one I remember is of Mr Ghosh a very strict head master.

Mr. Ghosh was one of the few headmasters of the school who managed to keep the unruly boys in the school under control. He was famous for his strict ways. The story goes that once a student, who had some animosity with him tried to attack him with a sword. Mr. Ghosh was urinating at the time and was in a crouched posture when the attack happened. Just as the pupil lifted the sword, Mr. Ghosh looked up and gave him his trademark stare. His stare itself was so powerful that the attacker did not have the courage to go through with the act. 

I think it is time for a break.. for tea. I will continue to tell the main story in next post ..

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  1. Nice read Mausaji .
    Talking of pen's might : My papa almost always quotes , trying to make me more organised :)... that the faintest of ink is stronger than the strongest of memory. So jot down every single thing you need to do.